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2013 Election and Board Meeting

  • 06/08/2013
  • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Charlotte's house


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When the PSMC meets on June 8 to elect new officers and board members, they also will be hoping for a volunteer to step up to continue publishing the Sounder after next month. Tom Mackey, who has served as the Sounder editor the past two + years, has resigned due to other commitments.

The job would be ideal for someone who has a part-time job or is semi-retired and has a little extra time to commit to the task. The club is gracious about purchasing required software to make the Sounder the publication it has become. We have been using Office Publisher for the Sounder of late.

If you are creative, a good writer, have an affinity for desktop publishing and you enjoy learning new software and techniques, then you would most likely enjoy the job. It’s one of the key positions in the club and requires a consistent commitment on the part of the editor. Sometimes, you may have to remind people to get their news in so it can be spread to others. But it’s not that big of a deal. And, Tom will train anyone who wants to take over the position.

Many of our current board have offered to step up for one more year. They include Tom Mackey, Tom Millar, Frank Shriver, Mike Springer, and Vickie Olson. Charlotte Fellers will serve as past president and Bill Bell, who served as a member-at-large this year, has volunteered his services as our new president. We have two members who have agreed to serve on our board for the first time. They are Ross Scott and Dee Skinner.

This month's meeting features not only the election of new officers and board members, but also a discussion of updates to the consitution and the by-laws to bring them in line with our current practices. If you wish to have input into either of these discussions, please plan to attend the meeting. Activities start at 11:00 for a potluck lunch with the board meeting to follow. Hopefully, it will be a nice day and we can eat on the deck. 

Directions to Charlotte's House:
Take I-5 to Hwy 18 and head east on Hwy 18. Take the Auburn/Black Diamond exit and head back toward Auburn. Stay on this road until you get ot 4th St NE. You'll know it because there's a slight turn to the right on R Street that is 4th St NE. The house number is 1800 and is about 7 houses down on the right.

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