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  • 07/08/2020 9:35 AM | Charlotte Fellers (Administrator)

    Check out this review of the MX-5, which shows why we love this car so much! True, it's from Europe, but just goes to show that no matter where you live, a Miata is always in style.

  • 06/30/2020 10:40 AM | Charlotte Fellers (Administrator)

    “Any port in a storm.”

    by Duncan & Dee

    Like everybody else we got locked-down during the Covid-19 health emergency, our motorsports events calendar was wiped clean of events, and binge-watching reruns of “Hot In Cleveland” on some cable channel was a poor substitute for driving the back roads.  Worse yet, our three school-age grandsons didn’t get to visit Grandma & Grandpaw’s farm for their annual spring Easter Egg Hunt around our woodsy acreage.  What ever should we do?

    Aha!  We did save their candy and the big plastic eggs we would hide it in.  When restrictions were relaxed in early June we invited the family for a cookout and dusted off our personal motorsports experiences and turned the event into an Easter Egg ROAD RALLY, only done on foot around our yard.   Emphasis on rally, which even when scaled down to back yard size converted little kids’ play into a Big Boy Activity and generated curious interest from the motorheads of the future.   We set up a genuine Rally Checkpoint sign in the driveway to welcome everyone.  Each boy got a set of printed driving directions to follow a complex route around the yard and locate six obscure checkpoints.  At each checkpoint they had to find a hidden egg, put it in their tote bag, and boogie on down the rally course.  Each “rally car” was sent on a different route, so no conniving.   This is sounding more like a real sports car rally every minute.  The finish line was decorated with Valvoline Oil checkered flag banners.  Course marshals and checkpoint workers (the adults) were stationed at strategic intersections to direct traffic.  Boys will be boys, and the Brothers Three picked up on the concept quickly and tore through the course despite it being declared Not A Speed Event in the General Instructions.

    Here’s a sample of typical route instructions.  [With explanations added for readers without childlike curiosity.]  Does this look like some Official Club Rally?


    Straight out of garage.

    CHECKPOINT:  Did we get any mail?    [Egg  was hidden in culvert near mailbox]

    Keep electric and gas meters on your left.

    Left after detached garage on your left.

    CHECKPOINT:  Beware of spiders when looking for pick ax.  [Egg was in a musty tool shed]

    Go north out of checkpoint.

    CHECKPOINT:  Be careful on baby grass where sandbox used to be.  [Egg was in bushes near newly seeded lawn.]

    Go toward hydrangea plants with water bags, then…

    Bear left.

    CHECKPOINT:  Keep on your lookout.  [Egg was up in the lookout tower on backyard fort the boys built on earlier visits.

    And on and on until they got them all.   Nobody DNF’d.  No protests were lodged.  We didn’t have to wait for scores to be calculated.  The expected post-rally food and beverages and “bench racing” awaited contestants and officials at the finish line.  No Miatas were harmed in this production!

  • 06/08/2020 10:21 AM | Sean McGriff (Administrator)

    Greetings fellow club members and enthusiasts! I am sorry to say that all of the club events for this year are postponed for the foreseeable future.

    This is really an unprecedented time in my memory, and any inconvenience will be worth it. Events will be rescheduled when possible. Two events that would be great to reschedule would be the New Members Appreciation Drive, hosted by the PSMC board. This is where all new members attending will get great Mazda gear and their first official drive. For myself, it was a great way to be introduced to the club, so I hope for a great turnout when that happens. Keep an eye on the calendar for that one. Also, Detailin’ Day is one of the fan favorites, where everyone dives in and gets their car buffed and shined.

    Hopefully we can have The Great Northwest Gathering of Miatas on August 8 at Griot’s Garage in Tacoma. We will all know by then if that is possible. I was really disappointed to see the Miata Mingle postponed at the last minute, but also look for that one in the future for sure!

    Meanwhile, stay at home or stay in your car and stay safe. Remember, your car needs exercise just like you. Miatas can be somewhat like sailboats. They don’t get out much, except at the regattas or drives. My poor car could use a spin around my 25 plus mile circuit out my front door that takes me past some great stops I no longer make. Right now it is really important to stay positive. We have the instructions for our physical well being, but not a lot about about attitudes.

    Remember, always look at the bright side of life.

    Keep Zoomin’, Ross

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