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The Great Northwest Gathering.... was Great!

08/03/2014 5:40 PM | Sean McGriff (Administrator)

Everybody had a good time at this year's event. The weather was wonderful, Griot's was wonderful, and the turn out was wonderful with over 50 people and 31 Miatas in attendance.

Events included a detailing workshop where they did a demonstration on Alan Dahl's '90 Mariner Blue. We had a People's Choice award for each of the 3 models and many, many prizes courtesy of Mazda USA, Moss Motors, and Project G, through our raffle. There was over $2,000 worth of prizes!

Here's the Who & What for the prizes:

Sandra Wallace - floor mats
Jeff Bengo - License plate re-locater kit
Sean McGriff - License plate re-locater kit
AJ McGranaghan - Dual Air Horn kit
AJ McGranaghan - Vent rings
Bill Huges - Interior light kit
Jeff Johnson - rear deck bag
Bonnie Ryder - rear deck bag
AJ McGranaghan - Start button
Gloria Marsellas - Miata model
Brett Anderson - Miata model
Bonnie Ryder - Rosewood shift knob and handbrake handle
Brian Zar - Trunk lid liner
Sandra Wallace - Brake & Clutch peddle pads
Marilyn Huckleberry - Chrome vent nipples
Steve Paris - Pair of seat heaters
Bill Lum - floor mats
Sandra Wallace - Trunk lid liner
Marilyn Huckleberry - floor mats
John Bloespflug - trunk lid liner
Ross Scott - Vent rings
AJ McGranaghan - Polished shift knob
Bill Lum - Engine panel (cover)
Becky Meister - Cool Vent
Becky Meister - Shift knob
Bill Lum - Smoked bumper side lights
Lilly Springer - Miata parking sign
Greg Olson - Miata parking sign
Sandra Wallace - Visor
John Bloespflug -  Lip spoiler kit

Grand Prize - GoPro 3: Ross Scott

Congratulations to all our attendees and prize winners!


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